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Apologies to anyone swinging by this website for the lack of… well, pretty much ANY content.

Here’s what happened…

For quite a while I was operating a number of websites – some personal, and some based on bands/music projects I was involved with. All of those sites were essentially sub-sites of a primary domain/website I created over 10 years ago.

A little while back, I decided to let go of the domain to the primary website, seeing as I no longer had any need for it. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember┬áthat letting go of that domain would be auto-detected by the server I was hosting all my sites on. The server saw that the domain had not been renewed for a number of years, and automatically wiped out that site… and the sites underneath it.

The worst part is, I knew that was a feature of the hosting I use. It makes sense. But I spaced out, and lost everything… for now. I do have backups of all the sites.

However… I feel that my focus of this site, formerly “I’m Width The Band” has shifted since I started it some years ago. That site was focused primarily on sales and marketing related topics, along with some tech input, particularly as it related to audio/music production tools.

At this point, I’ve not fully decided how to re-brand, or if it’ll even have a “brand” at all. But I will get to getting things back up and running shortly.

Stay tuned….